Become a Sponsor


Can you swing a hammer or use a paint brush? Can you rake a yard or dig a hole? Then we need you. Volunteers are critical to the success of the project.

The project is like an old-fashioned “barn raising.” Volunteers experience a true sense of community working together.

Volunteers sign up for one or more four-hour shifts during the weekend. Jobs include home repairs, weatherization, yard work, and materials expediters and runners. There are also numerous leadership positions available from House Captain to Yard Captain and many more.

The minimum volunteer age is 12, unless volunteering with a supervised organization such as Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts.


There are several sponsorship packages that would be a good fit for you. If you don’t see one that does, we are willing to work with you to design one.

All sponsorship levels of $500 or more include your company logo or name in our marketing materials including our banner and on our website.

Contributions can be made on our website:


What a fun way to engage your employees, civic group or place of worship! Your organization or company provides volunteers and funds. We provide the know how in this fast paced event.


As our program grows, the need for tools also increases. Help us to equip volunteers with necessary tools and machinery. Can you imagine renting over 900 rakes and other tools?


Restaurants, grocery stores, and places of worship feed hard-working volunteers by providing breakfast, lunch or snacks.


Individual contributions pay for miscellaneous costs, such as last minute on-site material needs. They can also provide sandwiches and desserts to supplement other food donations.

The average cost to repair a home is $1,000-$2,500 which covers materials, equipment, and supplies.

MARQUEE SPONSORSHIP ($25,000 / $15,000 / $10,000)

This participation is available in three levels. All three levels include a table or kiosk for all three event days at our gathering site at The Solarium at the Community Center of South Decatur.


Do you have a special concern or quality of life improvement you would like to see promoted? Previously, we have addressed energy efficiency and water utilization. Funding the installation of low flow toilets or outfitting houses with energy efficient devices is a good way to bring attention to a special interest while benefiting homeowners. Measures that save our home owners money and other resources are especially welcome.



Licensed electricians and plumbers are invaluable to the project. Volunteers in skilled trades, including roofing, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and carpentry are crucial to helping with these much needed repairs.

City of Decatur Planning, Zoning and Inspections department reviews all work. Necessary permits are obtained to ensure improvements meet building codes.