MLK Service Project Homeowner Referral

MLK Homeowner Referral

Refer a Decatur resident in need of home repairs to the MLK Service Project.

Please use this form to refer a City of Decatur, low-income, senior homeowner to the MLK Service Project for necessary home repairs.

Do you know a senior that you think would be a good candidate? Do you have a neighbor who can use some help?

To be considered:

  • Home must be in the city limits of Decatur.
  • Senior must be the homeowner and reside in the home.
  • Senior must be at least 62-years-old (or any age veteran).
  • Senior must be on a low income.

All referrals are 100% anonymous

Name of the person making the referral. This information will remain anonymous.
Email address of the person making the referral
Phone number of the person making the referral
See above for general eligibility requirements.
Homeowner Address(Required)
Phone number of homeowner if you know it.
Please provide any additional details that will help the committee in assessing the referral.
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.