2014 Project results – 38 homes this year!!!

We had over 1,300 volunteers this year.   If you value the time (8,860 hours) donated at standard rates – this works out to over $196,000 dollars of donated time.  Add to that the donated contractors time takes us well over $215,000.

We did home repairs on 24 homes and yard work on 38 homes.

Some examples of things we did this year: removed a 30’x10’ shed, painted multiple rooms in many homes, repaired 5 roofs, re-sheet rocked an entire ceiling, replaced numerous toilets, removed an entire bath room to the floor joists and completely rebuilt it.

We used over 1,100 tools we borrowed from the Tool Bank (a non-profit that loans tools to other non-profits very inexpensively).

We filled 3 dumpsters to overflowing plus over 2,400 yard waste bags.  This equates to 60 tons of trash and 24 tons of yard waste removed.

Many contractors from several different trades donated their time and supplies.  Companies donated a lot of time to do major Plumbing, Electrical, and HVAC work.



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